ten thousand hours

Nick Alvarez, the main man at Cross Fit South Miami, and personal friend of mine, reached out to me on January 7 at approximately ten pm looking for marketing for his little brother Eddy.  Eddy Alvarez, the first Cuban American male speed skater to ever make a US Olympic team is home grown. He placed, and placed and then placed again. He made history. He plans on doing it again in baseball. I plan on spearheading the marketing. I’m willing to invest ten thousand hours. Nick, you are the most dope older brother ever.  Brotherly love has never looked so good, felt so deeply. Well done! Ricky rolls with some great folk.

Speaking of love, Vanessa Scotto blew us all away with her Life Coaching at LuluLemon South Miami. Darren and I were front row center. The topic was love. Heee! LULU only symbol making me happy this week.

April, I’m coming at you with Steve Madden and a clear definition of the Jewish year soon.

I ran my first 5k with Roman and Darren. I needed some of the Boxed Water I met in New York. It was the Tour de Broward 5k benefitting Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital. It was our first family run. We are family. It fits. It’s appropriate.

Zoe is all about Vida Mujer! Me, a fitness guru! Hmmm. If ClearChannel wants to, I’m willing.

Ask Cristie finalized the mass production of Eat Me Guilt Free Brownies, conveyor belt and all. Place orders people, tight bodies can eat chocolate!!!

She is tiny and strong, her name is Aryan and she is the heartbeat of Jet Set Pilates. I will be hanging out there more often, they elongate muscles in this place. I feel taller and definitely at peace! Funky socks don’t hurt either. It’s a must try.

I’m a Master. Laura and I are killing it. I can’t wait to host. Darren wants to watch me in person-live!!! No way, he will have to be a Coachee like everyone else. I am shy in front of him still. A year later and I still feel lil sometimes. For the most part tho, I feel like I’m ten feet tall when I am with him.

Doctor Dribble placed in today’s 5k, it’s amazing, he says he was taking it slow. The man is a beast. His Doctor Dribble Helping Hands is reaching new levels. Ever since he opened his own charity, he has been able to reach so many more children. It is uplifting.

Tzedakah means charity, I will be running for Purim together with my Rabbi on March 16! Please join us.

Attention all Spartans, I am so happy to cheer for you guys! I will be there getting my Spartaaaaaa on! Can’t wait! I wanna see you be brave.

So many fantastic things happening this week, I can barely sleep. It’s great to be so excited for life. I am. I’m thriving. It’s the oxytocin. March looks like it’s Mad.


and if you don’t know, I love a Coach, what would John Wooden think?


when you were born, you saved my life

“Dear Mom, You are my heart and soul. Everyday, with every single move you make, you motivate me to be better than I am now. Thank you for always being there with me in times of trouble, it means a lot to me. You are the best guardian that any person can have due to the fact that you are strong, confident and loving. Thank you for everything that you have done for me in the past, and what you will hopefully do for me in the future. With every step I take, I think of you, and how you would do it, because after all you are a perfectionist. I am writing this letter for you not only because it is a school assignment, but because I love you and the way that you treat me; as an amazing person. As a mother, and do things that other parents would not do. Not only do you go beyond as far as being a mother, but you go beyond in everything you do, whether it is being a room parent, golf mom, or a trainer. You work hard, not only to reward yourself, but to reward me, in taking pride in myself. Once, again, I appreciate all the love and dedication that you have given me, and I thank you for everything you do, because in the end of the day, we are, and always will be, partners. Sincerely, RO”

With grammatical and spelling errors, a letter from my son. Thank you Gulliver Academy, it takes a village!

Dear Roman,
A real man loves, honestly, loyally and passionately. YOU are a perfect example. You are my partner, my love, my everything. See you later lil bro to buy wood and hang with Lisa! Proud of you! Deeply proud.



and if you don’t know, he is a king,