professional athletes often hire me for what they call personal training. I find that to be flattering but a bit preposterous due to the fact that they train three times harder than I do.  I am actually on the contact list of the MLB, NFL, and NBA.  a mindful athlete is a weapon. a life coached athlete is fierce. my thoughts are as follows, they panic, they fear, they stress just like anyone else but on national television. their break ups are on the enquirer. they need to be trained to reduce anxiety and train their brain activity.

I am always amazed at the rigors of competition. yes, the breath is key in calming these symptoms. I feel they identify with my understanding of serious anxiety and great will to focus. will can never be taught. it’s one of those mysteries that has to be born, nurtured, fed. the truth is, I have mastered the art of harnessing my anxiety and turning into fuel. I have the secrets, the tricks. I do find that every “personal training” sesh turns into more of a life-coaching sesh. most male athletes scoff at the term life coach. pat riley doesn’t. neither do i.

mindfulness vs. tactical . what would lebron choose? what would you choose? I have always been open to learning and attempting newness, greatness and sometimes failure. I have found that the most successful turns in my life have come directly from the failures. gratitude is one of my secrets. there you go- it’s free. the secret of gratitude has helped me enormously in facing and beating my whistle blowing, my lack of preparation, my losses. this thanksgiving I wish you the most gratitude and mindfulness.

there is an athlete in all of us.

and if you don’t know, it’s game time,