fly me to the moon (part one)

flymepithe new moon in leo combined with my birthday seems to be a winning one two punch according to Emily (a celebrity moon reader). when the universe aligns itself ….. I was astounded to hear the accuracy of my chart in this podcast and dumbfounded to hear her¬†discuss my love life in part two. Emily also founded Miami Women Who Rock, a maverick organization supporting really powerful women in our community with the underlying goal being the fight against cancer.

I had been feeling extremely powerful prior to her coming in for the reading. she explains why. I learned so much, I hope you enjoy part one. we discuss my professional career, home life, money, business and fitness. if you’ve ever wondered what the sun and the moon and the planets can say about you, she is the lady to hit up. the reading was not prerecorded, I wanted it to be live so you can hear it as I did. no filters, no edits. I love everything about this. wait till you find out who I marry!!