Good Bye April


“One day can bend your life.” Mitch Albom

That saying is on my frig and on one of the first floor alarm key pads. I have three key pads and a panic button too. I am guarded. It is so true about the one day thing. I know that it is one of the main reasons why I always say thank you, I’m sorry and I love you a lot. You never really know if it’ll be the last time. I cherish every moment in the moment.

I decided to do something I have never done before this weekend. I was terrified. I took my first road trip by myself. I ate three meals alone and loved it. My friends and family were shocked. I drove!! Me! For a total of six hours, this scaredy cat beat her fears. The wind, the sun and the Spotify was so delicious. I can’t wait to do it again. I went to catch the sunset. I ran to the pier, I almost missed it. I cried when I looked at the huge sun as it went to sleep. I overcame so much. I’m proud of myself.

Fun fact, I never eat alone. I prefer to skip meals. I manned up and went to Pierre’s. It was almost two years ago exactly when I first dined there. It’s so romantic there. After dinner, I went to the same chaise lounge that I made memories in and just reflected on what was and what will be. The meal was perfect.

The second meal wasn’t so easy. I went to Kenny Chesney’s favorite joint and one of mine, Blue Heaven. The roosters were everywhere as I had remembered them. The hoola hoop was there too. I wanted to show off but I felt kinda stupid so I backed off the idea quickly. I was seated and began to blog. And then it happened, like on Instagram, a loser comes to rob you of your peace. I was curt and short and said no in very few words. He was persistent and all of the sudden I became afraid. I thought, why did I come alone, why did I risk this? I hate it when men do that to women or women to men. What gives strangers the right to do that? I was rude the second round. I was mad. I was trying to accomplish goals. I scarfed my lobster benedict and finished my blog on the beach. No perverts there.

My last meal was bliss. Sara Beth’s!!! Key West is geared towards adults. I will be returning frequently. It’s a fantastic place to shake it out!

The bruises and scrapes on my body are healing. I am a little disappointed in myself for attempting to do a handstand on a skateboard. It’s almost like I had a death wish. I will not be doing that again any time soon. I have been working out three times a day. I have practiced yoga daily. I love it. I have decided to schedule certification. You can be highly motivated but until it’s scheduled no action takes place. Animal Flow is first tho. Mike GBT is no joke!! I figure by the end of 2015, I will have three more Physical Training Certifications.

Bagatelle on the Beach is my new favorite restaurant. It used to be Milo’s. C’est la vie!

My first NFL Podcast will be in less than one hour and my first NBA Life Coach Sesh is this week. I had my first Emergency Call as a Life Coach and handled it like a champ. I am taking massive action.  I am certain Celebrity Life Coach will be on my bio soon! Do you think I’ll get more followers on Insta that way? It’s a good thing I have a real following- a family, some folk can easily fall into I am Insta Famous therefore I am. So sad.

Advice, when you write something anywhere it is there for life, make sure you want the words you write visible to the world permanently and associated to you proudly. It’s like words spoken, they are like eggs dropped, irreovcable.

The movies have taken a back seat for the past two weekends. This is also on my goal list to change. I saw Top Five on Satellite. I loved it. Jay-Z co-produced it. He’s one of my Top Five. Easy!

I hope you got what you wanted this April and pray that your May is even better. I will not be announcing anything else in this blog, I’ll just act instead.

and if don’t know, who knew,