I went through my history of halloween today and realized I usually pick strong costumes. duh?  except for last year, I was always something to be reckoned with. a powerful woman look is what I tend to dress up as. last year, was a fuck up. this year I am going to be the truest form of me ever. I am very excited. I love the holidays. it’s a time to be with the people you love and the people that love you. if the people around you aren’t your biggest fans- clean up your area.

a friend of mine wants me to go to texas with him, I can’t. I love tradition. although, texas is on my list. my son only has two more dress up days left. I actually am looking forward to life now more than ever.

the event is really scaring the fuck out of me. I am receiving an enormous amount of community support. I love when the people you give to give back. I give without expectation and like magic it comes back ten fold.

I am working out crazy style now. it makes me happy. I stopped looking at my body and started feeling it years ago. I feel so strong. I love to look at the power around me. I have no weaknesses now. its fuckn cool.

I have one more event after fit, flawed and sexy and I’m closing up shop for the year. I will continue to coach but can take this show to the beach. this year I had many firsts, I am so excited for the next wave. if you haven’t bought your tickets do it now I have a feeling this one is gonna be lit.

thank you to the squad of sponsors, folk that support me and you- I WILL ALWAYS BLOG ON! huge love for you.

and if you don’t know, my name is not revete,