I spent most of today unpacking, getting acclimated and healing. I had a beautiful sesh of the real yoga with my Sampera  (cool word for Yoga teacher). its amazing how when a person gets injured, the truth reveals itself. the folk that I thought would run to my rescue didn’t and the ones that I never expected to care showered me with nourishment. I am so lucky.

I have decided to pass on crutch usage and will squat tomorrow as if nothing ever happened. I will practice yoga with extra care on feet. the overall health of my body was put to the test this weekend and I couldn’t be prouder. the pain I felt for a flash was humbling. the strength I felt right after was elevating. it is so important to exercise.

after much deliberation and doctors, therapists and testing, I believe I was injured because I was dehydrated. I had three moscow mules the night before. I seldom drink and rarely will I drink hard liquor. those mules are so good tho.

my intentions for this marathon were so hopeful too. I’m not one to dwell on the past. I’m ready to complete a half on my own again. I think I’ll train for this one and rest the night before.

I am over the top excited for halloween as I will be going to various parties in various costumes. there was some back and forth on what and how but it’s all been clarified now. the veil has been lifted.

roman is at states. he deserves every bit of the excitement and experience. he is truly an exemplary son. I wish all parents could have a child as compassionate and responsible as my Ro. it really is in the parenting. my ex husband and I both are very dedicated to him. it shows.

the yoga teacher training has enlightened me on many levels. I used to really react to unkindness, abuse and immaturity. now I feel apathy and wish well. if you steal my property, I feel you needed it. if you speak ill of me, I will never speak of you. if you are abusive towards me, I will forgive you. that really is the real yoga.

if it doesn’t nourish you, let it go. this frees up space for life- a happy one.

and if you don’t know, it speaks of you too,