serotonin overflow


daft punk came out with a new song. I smiled. we love music together. it’s magic. magic is something you make. it’s like love.

I was scared indeed. I’m not anymore. love set me free. love is everywhere. you are spot on!!!  I felt it coming. I couldn’t control it. beauty caught my eye but man the personality stole my heart. energy doesn’t lie. for close to a year, I have been denying love. how stupid am I? experience is the best teacher. WE SHINE WHEN WE ARE TOGETHER. it’s more shine. it’s blinding.

I protect my son from all things negative. I am fierce on this topic. I plan on doing the same with my love. you can see it in me. we were walking side by side, he is gorgeous. he is a man. he was proud. I was too. I felt it coming. people kept asking me, inquiring. I didn’t understand why? I know now, you can see it, in us both. I believe it is in the trust, the sexy binding trust. jeezus is all I could say. jeezus. baby jeezus. I hear the murmur. it’s cute.

he loves will ferrell too. I am very happy to feel like this again. I literally cant stop smiling. I felt it coming.

I feel happy. I am enthused. I am inspired. I felt it coming.

my life is about to do a 360! I am bouncing off of walls happy. I’m coaching more than ever before. I am living life to the fullest more than ever before. my son is healthy and happy. I have SO much to give thanks for. I feel gratitude in boat loads. HAAA! I felt it coming.

IN 41 DAYS THIS YEAR WILL BE HISTORY, I will never forget this year. I found trouble!!!!! what a year! it’s an OH MY GOD!

and if you don’t know, we slay,