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March 9, 2014

I am Cuban-American, a marathoner and a two time Super Spartan


The combo makes for the mental strength of a giant! Tommy wants me to join them for the Beast! Hmmm? I love obstacles.

I had the new Lauren Moshi Superman tank in my hand, when an old friend started telling me how unbelievably happy I looked. Tina B. agreed. She repeated herself so much that I couldn’t help but wonder just how sad I must’ve looked for a very long time. Happiness is the ultimate Botox. I swear, I drink from that cup daily now. Love potion, love vitamin- it’s in me. There is no doubt that Doctor Dribble ignited that fire, I’m in love and it shows. Moreover tho, since January 1st of this year I made a choice.

Happiness is a choice. You see, no matter what the obstacle or challenge is, once you are committed to choosing simple happiness nothing can alter your path to fulfillment.

Roman celebrated his birthday with his friends this weekend. It was the pre-game show! Family party is still pending. How lucky are we to have each other? He is the Original Partner! Triple OGGGGG! And now, Darren.

By the way, D2 H2 = Doctor Dribble’s Helping Hands

The Miami Heat banks with a new local bank in Wynwood. The reason they chose this bank is because they offer benefits to gay staff. How awesome is that? 3Peat fo sho now!

I am gearing up for my first live Coaching appearance. Magda the Master, truly magnificent or Malificent. My very own Tony Robbins gig, in my very own back yard. The topic is leadership and I am serving a true leader. My aim is to empower the hierarchy of our local government. Old friends, new goals. I am going armed with a pocket full of gold coins and a large glass. In my eyes, Peter Gabriel, the glass is always half full.

Sign up for my first solo webinar will be available soon. I will be sharing the survival tactics of the biggest evolution in my life. I thought I had come out unscathed, I didn’t. I have deep wounds. They healed. Do you know a smoker? Do you love a smoker? Kerry Gaynor will be a guest speaker and I know our tag team op can help any addict!

And because change is absolutely possible, I was able to run another 5k this morning with my man. I love to say that, my man. Ok one more time, my man!! Trust is a beautiful thing. We ran for the Special Olympics at Gulliver Prep. I ran on the grounds of Roman’s High School. I almost cried. He is almost in ninth grade.

Do the math, audit your life, get rid of the negative, do everything with passion, forgive the past. Only the strong can do that. I’m excited about everything good, its new and scary but unlimited are the horizons.

Magic by ColdPlay is my new jam! Sea Salt and Pepper is the new place to lounge for me. History will be recorded this month. I’m down! I’m still trying to grasp it all, marinade in it, breathe it all in, a truly victorious breath.

You can buy me as you window shop @ Lululemon in South Miami. How much for a crow?

and if you don’t know, I love when you pucker,


September 22, 2013

any given sunday


Welcome Deanna to Studio LX, go Hurricanes! It’s all bout the U!

The Dolphins don’t make me cry. A new quiet confidence has taken over Tarpon Bend, the Ale House in Coral Gables and most of Miami. We are 2-0. I pray the Falcons be our third take down. The perfect season happened here first, Don Shula, Dan Marino 17-0, I’m a hopeful romantic. Why not? Other than the Marlins debacle, we are a city that has been lucky. Most winningest. Let the good times roll.

Considering most winningest, this week, I’ll be hanging with Uuuuuuuuuudonis and Battier. I’ll try to jump up and take a pic. The Chamber sure knows how to breathe life into me every time I open a corporation! Diamond Awards here we repeat. I hope. Thank you Mark, for always supporting me.

The Benjamin Dash packet pick up is October 31. Yep, Halloween! Boil, boil, toil and trouble, I can’t wait to dress up this year. Training is legit for this fundraising obstacle race as m*ergy is not only training the dash team but herself and Soy Delicious for the IronMan too. So fortunate to have shared an Ashram with her this week. Jugo Fresh coming to Body and Soul will ensure more of these moments Fo Sho!

Moments, fragments, Los momentos. This week, I received two very touching messages that I feel should be mentioned. Each message came from a woman that is going through a struggle. Neither one mentioned the struggle instead thanked me for helping them through theirs. I didn’t do much but be me and live my life. In doing this, simply living, without trying- I helped two women. Be it ever so tiny the act of letting me know, I was enormously humbled. You see, I am you. Struggling too. Stiff upper lip ladies, tomorrow is only a day away.

Providence is the next marathon for my man, Doctor Dribble. Today, he will be honored at the Dolphins/Falcons game for just being him. It’s 1:43pm now. Go figure?

Diabetes is a disease- be a hero and become part of the cure! Donate now!


Marlyne Alexander photography and the Free People slumber party was a success, #hippiechick was born. Next up, I’ll be armed with a cocked mic in your face. Health and Wellness is the real deal for the reel- sizzle me a new look, maybe? Stopsmokingstartliving is the final interview. I personally am going to see to it that the revolution, the movement of Kerry Gaynor is catapulted to each and every smoker I know or will know or sadly, might never get a chance to meet. Smoking kills.

Life is precious, live it and stretch long and hard. It’s the only way to make it into the circle of trust.

And if you don’t know, I have a friend in the FBI!