I love waking up on an overcast Sunday with a frig full of Jugo Fresh. Gigi dropped it off this week. It helps to know the future wife of the CEO. Roman hooked me up with all of the movies and I have a baby pitbull that is very needy of my love. Can Sunday be any better?

SeaWheeze shorts came in. It looks like a Science explosion on black material will be donning my booty. The app for the half is pretty cool tho. This is the most organized marathon I have ever been a part of. I am most excited about Vancouver. Having lived in Canada for so many years and omitted this place was an epic fail. Zip lining here I come. You’d be surprised at how brave I really am! I am not afraid of jumping out of planes, I’m more afraid of being taken for granted.

Chloe and her family are at it again. They are hosting Crush Games in the Grove on June 6. It’s a Fun Raising event for children with needs. I will be there to cheer and maybe lift. No cross fitting for me, but I will happily swing for this cause. Please read the flier and join me in improving our community.

Jugo Fresh Miracle Mile is almost here. I am more excited than most because I will be part of the opening day together with some of Miami’s sexiest health nuts. I dunno how Matt and I fused like that, but the tie is strong. I love supporting greatness. The cheerleader in me goes wild for all things grand. Mark (President of the Chamber Coral Gables) and I were talking with the head honchos of the Jugo enterprise and I couldn’t resist feeling pleased with the leaps and bounds this corporation has made in a short three years. #gratefulforyourshare

The fitness aspect in my life has gone up ten notches. I am working out more than ever. I feel like I’m on my game with the bells and love twisting and turning in the straps. My body has never been so strong. I feel great. April, Ingrid, Sara, Cat……. My body thanks you.

Jorge Posada Sr. is a REAL philanthropist. He is a great father. He is my friend. I don’t like it when people mess with my friends. The media can always glorify lies and hide truths. Alex and JP are friends in real life. Duh? #f4f #r4r #l4l #fraud

I am Coaching three new clients this week. Every time I get an email that says I have been hired, I feel gratitude. I am so lucky. My dream of helping others achieve and aspire, accomplish and succeed is a reality. I received a text message which I am attaching that made me cry. This message changed me forever.

About a year and a half ago, I went to jail and had the privilege of speaking to approximately twelve female inmates in the Domestic Violence department. I even taught a mini Yoga class. I truly believe in Yoga and it’s healing powers. I Coached these women and finished with a few poses to close our intentions in gratitude. One of these women sent me the text. She stopped smoking because of me. She called me an angel. She said she’d never forget me. Isn’t that what life is really about?

Eight years ago, I stood before five hundred people and sang a song for two wonderful humans. I married them right after. Lynette and Angel, Happy Anniversary. I love you both.

and if you don’t know, the sun came out,