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it’s inevitable. any one decision can change your life forever. the choices we make create paths. there is no turning back and this is why presence is so urgent. there is no rehearsal.

my mother’s day was amazing. the best one ever. my son treated me like a queen and the man I love did too. both the men in my heart appreciated me. if only they would do that the other days of the year. in the poem from Brad Pitt, it was his public love for her that saved them. he protected her.  I keep trying to stress that in all I do. love wholeheartedly, openly and without fear.

I went on deck this weekend, met an enormous amount of new people, laughed a lot. I tried a new workout, it was a challenge in everyway.

the Miami Heat choked but ill be wearing white on wednesday because I know the drill all to well.

roman is leaving for the summer again. this is the hardest time for me. he is truly my strength when I am weak.

I’ll be 45 this summer, I cant wait really. I’m excited for my new life. I’m gonna open up my wings and fly. one appointment today and one fabulously romantic lunch.


and if you don’t know, consistency is key-MAJOR KEY,