when I met you in the summer

everything is peachy now. I am able to see color. I am happy. what a weekend!!! it’s been decades since I play so hard. I lost my glasses at Soho Beach House. Cavalier staff is gonna not be pleased with me. my hamstrings are on fire. my itinerary is too. april leaves town and I become more fit??? how does that make sense.

tommy and vikkii are getting married, because me. this is my third couple. I loved seeing them love the shit out of each other. I am a salesman. I am a broker. I never considered a broker of love. im working on a new couple. if it works, its official I will open a business.  my partner in crime is back and kicking. I love the man my son has turned into. he’s a stud.

I have been killing the coaching game and working non-stop, having to only focus on me and mine has been a blessing on many levels. I am thriving.

the beach, the ocean, the fish, the feeling good is amazing. I was raised in the snow and enjoyed it. pero without a doubt, I’m a beach girl. the sun sticks, the water cleanses and other than people calling my attention to sea life, I am aloof to my respect for the ocean.

trying to stay calm but can’t hide my enthusiasm for this life. it is going fast now. faster than usual. I like to go fast. thank God for one miami.

where does it stop, nobody knows? cartwheeling through my days with verda in my pocket and big ass smile. no judgement, no projection, no expectation. I really like that.

so it’s a birthday!!! the fourth of july. hmmmmm! the fireworks will be different now. this summer, my birthday, my future is beginning to look a lot like christmas.

I gotta go, gonna crimp, use blacks, purples, get Goth really Goth and head east. it’s a lifestyle.

and if you don’t know, I fall in love daily,