when they go low, we go high

my body aches but my heart is full of love. what a weekend! I am desperately in love.

our gym got together and made history. it has been a long time since I have felt that kind of adrenaline for a physical challenge. I am still coming down from the high. my body is in shock. we did the unthinkable. I am not certain of the exact amount of money or pushups that we did but I know we smashed the goal. all I remember from the MAKE A WISH movement were the cheers, the tears, the sweat and the cameras going off constantly for sixty minutes. I know we made a difference. I love to help people. I love to give. I spent most of the weekend living, loving and giving.

roman is submitting his college apps daily. I am so happy for him. I am very much looking forward to opening gifts this Christmas. I am so grateful with the love around me, it is sincere.

my schedule is closed till next year. I have been hired for more national coaching and locally I am being referred left and right. I am always shocked by the clients hiring me. I think like an employee. I always forget that people want me in this fashion. it is humbling.

I completed 287 pushups. I was one of two women in a group of predominantly all male athletes. I was second to top oldest in this group too. I am impressed with my ability to forget limitations, boundaries and barriers when there is true goodness to be committed.  community means so many things to so many peeps. it means helping others selflessly to me. community means giving without posting, giving without telling, it means sacrifice for no gain, food, money or sex. at least, this is my view.  I am entitled to my views, no?

I have one more blog to write before this part of my life is over. I have made many blogging friends and blogged on through it ALL. I am proud of myself. 

wishing you the happiest of holidays and the best in the new year.

and if you don’t know, he bought me a car,



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