Ain’t nobody got time for that!

Since the launch of the website, I have signed the largest client in terms of demographic reach and submitted two new engagement letters. I ran in Central Park, finished a great book and hopefully mastered the method of making 2 million dollars. More interesting than that is knowing the physiology that occurs when making a trade. Next book on the docket is “The Hour between Dog and Wolf.” I’ll take a risk and follow my gut any day of the week.

Unique Me is finishing the last minute details of what is murmured to be the shindig of the year. For more information on this event you can call Mighty at 305.903.7160. It’s all in the details….

M*ergy made it to the Lululemon Union Square Facebook page while she was spinning in Miami. This week she will be gracing us with her power to lead on boob tube. She really is everywhere.

Femme Fatale has produced some serious females candidates. If you thought Man with Heart was sexy, these ladies are just hazardous to your health. All applications must be in by July 10. Inbox me all applications with photograph to Atrevete page on FB. All applicants must be 25-45 years old and live in Miami-Dade. Candidates will be judged on charitable works made in the community. The winner will receive a full page ad in the next edition of Unique Me Magazine and prizes.

So cold press juice is the same here and there and everywhere, we can pull a trigger on that bullseye whenever you’d like. Or we can Fear the King?!

It’s a rap, while sitting in hipsturbia in NYC, Babs introduced me to Sweet Brown.
The origination of one of my favorite new defense mechanisms. Google that bitch. I remain firm on this and peachy keen.

And if you don’t know, now you know!



“don’t talk about it, be about it”

Stop yapping and just execute!! Do you need a Jerry McGuire? I’ll show you the money. Give me a project, the more challenging the better.
We at @revete, LLC live our lives between 5:00 am and 10:00pm! It’s a real dog and pony show in the headquarters of the Duck Dynasty creative crew of @revete, LLC.  I am Magda. I wear hats.  I’m small potatoes and big money. I am an oxymoron.
I am on the cusp of small  ideas and huge ventures.
I’m going to dare hard, harder then before… And you get to come with me. It’s always good when that happens. No one can hold me back now.
Mr. Big, my stock broker taught me how to trade. He loves apples. He gave me momentum when I was down. Not that kind of down Doc! Ain’t nobody got time for that. I trade daily. I cover and sell like a pro.
M*ergy, my girl, client and sister is my balance- my truth. She unleashes the beast in me. She created the body. She makes weak and heart broken ex wives two time Super Spartans. AAAUUUFFFF runs in my veins. And why not? Let me define the man- he is a client. Kinda a big deal in my life. An idiot savant with silver linings. He’s inspiring less body fat in me and potentially the world. He is super human. I’m his duck. I love ducks. Our creative camp includes Yani, a five star event choreographer, a teenager that leads Social Media. A grandmother that heads our paths of perception. We use sight, sound and touch to play in our practice. We blow people up.  Let it fly. We are ghetto and classy. We are who we are and we make cold pressed juice. We do not settle, we expect exclusivity. We strive to be your main squeeze. Damn good Juice!!! The kind of juice that impacts your business, brand or product. And if you don’t know, now you know.