I was crushed this morning when I learned of David Bowie passing. What a waste! My heart broke. Whenever someone dies, someone I identified with, someone I loved, knew, I can’t help but get inspired to live. I always think of what I have left to do. The list of open items, stones left unturned. I think of the apologies I owe, the love I have to give and the loose ends I have to tie.

Time to make a Change. –david bowie remastered 1999/2000

I returned an executed contract that I have been building for for three years this morning. I am elated. I am truly proud of myself. I am so excited about the growth in my career as a life coach.

I went to the seventh opening for Jugo Fresh this morning. My friend Matt is a very special human. I get happy when I see others succeed.

This weekend I was able to help my community in the most unique way. It’s safe to say that happiness was fueled.

I met a lot of people this weekend. Growth is life. Whether you’re ready or not growth is necessary.

The first weeks of January happened exactly how I thought they would- magic.

Let’s go HEAT!!!

and if you don’t know, it’s only the beginning,