I am overwhelmed with it. I had the bestest weekend ever. I was in miami. it was magic.

my leg is better but it was injured this week. I am so grateful for the love I got. I felt special. I felt cared for. it was new. I am gearing up for with an enormous amount of enthusiasm. I am so appreciative of the support I am getting from those that love me. I am lucky. everyone around me is helping me. its also new.

the holidays always make me happy. I am almost done decorating for Halloween. my costume is chosen and all plans are made for this years festivities.  I couldn’t be more excited. I love order. I love consistency. god, am I ever grateful.

I just made potato pancakes. it’s a rush to rosh.

everyday I learn more and more how urgent it is to keep true love around you at all times. my circle is tight, my life is light.

I give energy to those that give it back equally. we share the bill so to speak. its new too.

there is no question, I am learning again. I have a really great pancake maker on my team. I am very grateful.

it’s the moment when you look around you and realize, this is my life. these people are my family. I am in love. its magic.

I speak freely, I don’t believe in holding back how you feel. I hate evasion-its weakness.

and if you don’t know, ill tell you straight to your face,



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