catch that

life is a gift. everyday I see these words. this weekend, I looked at them again and worked out endlessly. I suppose I was doing it because I can. I went to matt right after and was wet. I was soaked. I kept working out to see if it went away. I saw a dead human laying alone on the street. I had never imagined that. I was lucky because I was able to lean on someone. he held me up. how sad to be so unloved that you could die and know one knows. I was filled with apathy. breath is the only thing that kept me moving.  I felt like being healthy would help me. life indeed is precious.

for the past year, I have been really focused on those people around me that love me- I watched closely who came and who left. I have suffocated the ones that stayed with my love and loyalty. people who don’t appreciate you, don’t deserve your breath. the dead man reminded me of this.

the catcher for the marlins, my friend and proud gulliver golfer was killed. he was fishing. he would annually bring monies to the school and a huge smile to my hole. I don’t know what it will feel like without him this year. he went out for tarpon and lobster. I have an enormous respect for those that fish.

paradigm kitchen and tropical vinyasa opened this week in miami beach.  you can find me in both frequently. hell, I might even move there. my rituals seldom change. I have sticktoitiveness on my side. I workout and I eat in the same joints always. my habits are consistent. I believe in this greatly. it’s prolly the secret to my success.  I leave the reinventing to madonna. I like my life as it is and the people in it.  morevover, I like myself.

october is here and I cant believe it. a year has passed.  I travelled, I loved and I lived.

fit, flawed and sexy is coming up and I am really excited. I feel so much support from those that love me. he told me he was proud of me, I almost died. he said the magic words, over and over again. a man that protects what he loves, is a mutha fucka.

the event is looking more and more like a party. I love parties. friends and fam come together to shake miami.

football has taken over miami! I love football and CHEESE!! and maybe a Corona.

have a great rest of september, together with the people you love and the folk that love you back. its important to have all that. RIP JOSE FERNANDEZ.    


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and if you don’t know, he couldn’t catch that,