let freedom ring

Just this week, I had the freedom to say no thanks, I’m a non-smoker.

I also had the freedom to miss the bus on getting rich quick and not buying TWITTER in time. Epic fail.

I chose to run my second marathon and beat my time. I chose to ignore the pain.

Everything is choice.

An old acquaintance randomly came back into my life, it seems I changed her forever. It was a choice to be kind.

Kindness is free, sometimes the meanest people need it the most.

On today, let’s join in remembering the men and women that sacrificed their lives, experiences and choices to grant us ours.

Mourning and remembrance are very personal. I respect this choice greatly.

I recently stumbled on a beautiful method of remembrance for veterans. It’s a project that saves them from themselves. Many veterans that did survive physically are traumatized and cannot survive socially due to trauma. With this method, they are loved and cared for until they can acclimate and adapt again to normalcy. Look it up, it’s cool. I donated.
Dégagé Ministries

http://running.competitor.com/2013/09/news/cast-your-votes-for-the-best-of-competitor-2013_83073 is how you can vote for Doctor Dribble for Best Running Celebrity. The man deserves nothing less. He runs for causes, let’s vote for him.

This Thursday is do or die! Diamond Awards here we come. Nail biting excitement. Best Minority business! It’s an honor to be a nominee. (That’s what they say in the Oscars)

Three weeks till we can put a dent in our holiday shopping list at the Gulliver Holiday MarketPlace. Exclusivity is the main idea this year. December 5 at the Academy.

I choose to be grateful to them today and everyday. The no named heroes.

I can because they did.

and if you don’t know, sin city is next,


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