protect this house

I can fight with the IRS, with weight loss, with an insect that sneaks into my home but I am unable to fight with things out of my control. in my eulogy at fit, flawed and sexy my third thing was to be remembered as a fighter. but, I don’t fight for just anything. I fight for what matters, what is worthy. I quickly release what is harmful, damaging and unhealthy. I live clean. eating burger king or surrounding myself with that type of low level stuff isn’t my bag. I will go to battle for what is meaningful.

I thought november would be more calm, quite the contrary. I have four new philanthropic engagements. I’m putting my foot down for december tho. I am having a blast enjoying the people in my life. I am protected. I love that.

for christmas, I want more of what is making me happy daily- PROTECTION.

I have so much to be thankful for in this 2016. I look forward to next year and the duplication of abundance. I am blessed and very grateful for what I TRULY HAVE.

I wish you a safe holiday and the love of the people YOU choose to be with.

and if you don’t know, loyalty and protection makes me happy,