save the last dance for me

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Destiny is not something you wait for, it’s something you go get.

I forget I was a smoker. It is really unbelievable. I was a nasty addict. This week I was able to reach 125 people wanting to live. I can confirm that three of these people have been smoke-free since that webinar! They send me daily updates, check in with the warrior as they know it. This has me insanely grateful. I was able to spread the goodness, pay it forward and hear the voice of the method man himself! Thank you Kerry for guest speaking and for always making me feel unstoppable!!

The big day came and went. Darren celebrated his birthday.  I was the lucky girl that spoke to him first and last on that very special day. But even more special than that was the loot he brought home from the Lululemon Lab. Exclusivity has always been a wicked turn on for me. If it’s common, you can keep it. I’m certain he was the strongest ambi at the Summit! Too proud. Canada holds a great portion of me in it, so glad he was able to learn a bit of it.

The next Webinar will be on Infidelity. It will be on May 29 at 6:00pm, please call Mighty at 305.903.7160 to reserve your spot. Cheating has become so grossly popular that even Don Sterling gets a hall pass! Do you know a cheater, are you a cheater, do you suspect being cheated on? Let’s absolutely change that.

The Kentucky Derby benefitting Blossom’s Therapy was a red carpet success. California Chrome made us some cash. Darren and I learned how to break in to a luxury vehicle. We were asked if we had gotten married a few times, it was romantic. Marrying my bestie sounds good! Chloe made waves, and so did her parents. Great job John!

Roman went to his last dance at Gulliver Academy. This world is a better place because he is in it! Congrats Ro, almost there! Thank you D for helping him look as elegant as you. Less is more, splash of color, I fell in love again.

I love playing pool by a pool with a loved one. I met a squirrel that flies. What a great day!

Pulling out the big guns for Mother’s Day this year, I can’t wait to celebrate with the blend! We are a rich blend.

A day at the beach with April! Peaceful, thank you for having us. Your family is precious. We could be siblings you know!

I’m glad my man is back for obvi reasons but the Big O knocked me out this week. I am always impressed with his quiet power.

My destiny is a great one, gonna get it!

and if you don’t know, I love the way you move,


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