Seven Two Nine


For the past three years, I have been celebrating my birthdays in Briland (loving name for Harbour Island)  Every one of those years, I climbed the tree. I made a wish. I met India. I hung out with the second in line to become the King of England (he lifts). I received a Porsche. I fell asleep on the pink sands.
I am a very fortunate woman.

This year, I’ve decided to step outside of my comfort zone. It will be very different. I live in a gorgeous vacation destination. I’m staying in Miami for my special day!! What is really different about this year is that I’m comfortable with where I’m at. I was running. Don’t know why. I feel solid now. It’s not the muscles either. I know what I want and I know I can attain it. I haven’t always been so certain. I used to bite off more than I could chew. I make mistakes still, but they are minor. No life changing errors anymore, none that would rob me of stability or peace. If it doesn’t serve me, serve it to the next girl. This way of thinking comes in time. If you stumble enough you find wisdom. It’s fortitude. That is sexy.

This week I finally realized a goal I have had for approximately three years, the divorced ones. I really do see the vision, crush the goal and repeat the steps. I was dumbfounded when I received the news. I screamed. The timing was poetic justice. I need to thank Laura Posada, Alberto Gross, Cat Haayen and Bryant Toth.  It was your endorsement and the glowing terms in which you spoke of me that made it happen. Reputation and consistency is worth its weight. I am eternally grateful to you for your friendship and NGL – clout. I have mad love for you.

(NGL means “not gonna lie” on Instagram) I keep forgetting that most of the real world does not live vicariously through Social Media. The acronyms and hashtags are endless- it’s alarming. A fraudulent world but entertaining while you wait to board a plane.

Canada is where I come from. My parents are Cuban and I am a patriota till the end. #truetotheend (new fave hashtag) When I walked into YYZ airport,  I immediately stood upright. Chris and April would’ve liked the posture. I was home. Miami is where my culture lives, but I mos def, belong to the world- the bigger one. My phone started ringing off the hook and the FB messages were constant-your Bethany Hills Social Head is back. Yorkville might sound like Yorkdale but NOOOOO! Yorkville remains luxurious, rare and oh so me!!! Memories.

I worked out first. The other details will stay off the blog and I am gonna stand by the story that I lost reception in Canada. Who can say different?
Madonna and I have similar tastes in gym. Hard Candy offers exactly what I needed. Spin and yoga. I am a certified Spin Teacher ya know. The yoga was electric. I’m bendable.

I thought a lot about Newton’s Method. It too, offers the balance I seek in a workout. Kettle bells and gravity is a combination I’m never leaving. And you know what happens when I feel passion, in true Magda fashion, I love it with everything I am.  I’m a permanent kinda gal.

I went to M Cycle this week. I have family there. David, Lyn and Vic reminded me that I’m better than I have ever been both physically and as a badass spinner. Ok, Lynette is faster than I am. I admit it. Hey, hey!

My son is my hero. I have been violated in so many ways in my life but the solace comes in the form of a miracle son. I am so very lucky. He is planning the music for his father’s wedding. Third time Val, it’s all you. Make it count. Congratulations to you and your new wife, Christina. #familyfirst

I’m traveling a lot this month and seeking refuge in health and beach. Roman will be golfing and continent hopping, so I am free. I really am. Liberty feels good, too much time without dancing.  Time is something you can never replace. I really make a great effort to respect it.

I’ll be training on Mondays at 5:30 pm only. No switches! It’s summertime. My next seminar is August 7- I’m going to focus on investing in yourself. It’s the best bank account any woman can have. Too often we invest in our significant others and our children only. We forget that without the true feminine fiber of it all- everything falls apart. We must love ourselves before we can love anyone else.

A woman walked up to me in a parking lot this week and hugged me for no reason at all. She hugged me so tight, she forced the kinks out of my neck. She said she looked into my eyes and felt I needed it. I did. Thank you.

I am bound to privacy regarding the clients I Coach but this week, one of my Coachees had a major breakthrough- she Let it Be! Ironically, so did I. Spain, I’m coming at ya.

I will see you on the beach for July 4th Cook Out. No pics please. Happy Birthday Nick and Melanie. I was with you both in spirit.

Oh and yes Tarah, the Hazelton Hotel is da swank bomb!

and if you don’t know, the sun came out today and said hi to me,



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