who knew?


And then the gun went off. It’s like speed lightning. Kinda like when I ride a spin bike. I always knew it would be like that. I decided to live again and all of the sudden I’m spiraling through so much greatness.

In less than a month, I will be in the center of my own evolving greatness. I will be training to become certified in Yoga. Yoga is so different for everyone. I love that. It’s so personalized, so universal. My mother is very happy that I decided to do this. I have the tendency to be very fast paced. This will be the ying to my yang. Real yogis don’t run from their problems, they walk into the center of them and are still. True power lies in the person that can do that.

I ran in the Miami Children’s 5K this weekend. No fuss, no mess, I just showed up alone. I find I am getting stronger at this every time. The memories.

The Gulliver Market Place is on again on November 17 this year. I added a few new vendors that might surprise everyone. If you would like to submit an application please call me immediately at 305.903.7160.

I was a Ninja this week. We showed up like a tribe and really earned new calluses. My body still aches. I felt like a child wanting to try everything over and over again. It is an amazing process when you throw everything up in the air and just let it all fall down. Spontaneous play breaks all conditioning.

Roman finally got the photograph I always wanted for his room. Matt Roy made it happen. My son makes me closer to God.

Almost ready for Los Angeles. Run Rock N Roll again. The memories.

Halloween is almost here and I am working towards my first costume solo in years. I hope to thrive.

I bought my Seawheeze bib again. Let’s see if we can’t realize this one.

Verda is adding new products to their line and I am ecstatic about this. The only Vegan Protein powder out there that is authentic is my sponsor. I have nothing but mad respect for the effects this Super Food has had on my body. Verda Girl ova here.

On October 3, I will be running in Tropical Park for a little girl named Chloe. 7:00 am Sharp please run with me.

On October 6, I will be in the most unsafe parts of Miami together with some badass peeps donating shoes to the homeless. I am so grateful for this opportunity. Imagine a day without shoes, horrifying. Help me make a difference, bring a pair of used shoes to Footwork’s or Solerunners and tell them they are for Magda.

Yom Kippur is a day of Atonement, reflect and forgive.

I am going to turn my face towards the sun because it’s where the good energy flows from.

and if you don’t know, let’s elevate each other,