the M.E.T.H.O.D. O.F.L.O.V.E


Woof! What a week! I feel like my life has completely changed in minutes. I am staring at 2016 and am really excited about it. It will be difficult, but I’ve made it through every other day so I’m ready. New Year’s Eve let’s dance!!!

Nick always told me it would be fun, I was hesitant but he was right. He’s older than I am. The problem with young folk is that they think they know it all. Respect for being on this earth longer is a given. Humility in showing respect is a learned behavior.

Professionally, I am killing it. I am overwhelmed and very enthused. I’m scared at the potential.

I start travelling soon and won’t stop till March of next year. I can’t wait. By then, I will be a certified yoga teacher. I am genuinely grateful for the journey on which I am about to embark on. My mother is most happy about this. I don’t plan on earning a living teaching yoga but I intend to enrich my already versatile earnings with the knowledge and experience gained in the process. For me, it’s the Science of self-realization. I am learning presently how to be kind even when I am being attacked or hurt. It is very rewarding when you are able to step out of your ego and feel sympathy. Namaste.

If you haven’t dropped off a pair of used shoes at SoleRunner’s or Footwork’s South Miami for me and Mr. MMA @stunnas_fit to pass out please do so quickly. We will be picking them up on Friday, October 2. How amazing will it be to help others in this form? I love when authentic philanthropy happens. I really do.

I have been practicing Social Media Detox on weekends for about five months now. I have really experienced a flip in my demeanor. It’s really a job. I think it’s funny the way people interpret this forum. You know my Instagram but you don’t know me. I think it’s preposterous when people use it to seduce each other or as weapons. What ever happened to self-esteem and confidence? Never have believed in or Big love for earning money tho, I make it on Social Media and happen to be effective. The proof is in the income! BAM! KAPOW!

The moon, the place and the love was all there. I asked her to allow whatever is meant to be to be. She assured me she would.

Oct 3 at 7 am- I will be at Tropical Park running for Chloe, please run with a purpose, for a cause- this makes me run.

Halloween is here and my home is ready and my costume is ordered. I’m riding solo. Maybe?

The Gulliver Holiday Market Place is on its way- still sitting in my CHAIR!

I dated a fisherman once, he was also a fire fighter. The catch and release game isn’t my thing. However, I like yachts a lot.

and if you don’t know, I love you,