I rock tom ford

It’s a French phrase for “fatal woman”. Femme FATALE means she will use her beauty, charm and allure to achieve her purpose. These girls have all used their gifts, talents, and power to shed light on challenges in their community, in our community, #305cafecito. Miami-Dade County is a better place because these women exist.

appearing in “order of operations” the finalists are

Marjorie Acosta – Reporter
Gina Beovides – Attorney
Vanessa Borge – Reporter
Jennifer Behar Cervera – Sales Associate
Cristina Isabel Mas – Philanthropist

On July 25 @ 5pm on the @revete page on Instagram you can vote for your femme fatale. Voting will be open through July 28 @ 5am. The finalist with the most #likes #wins! These girls are insanely gorgeous and have earned our #love. Unique Me Magazine, brace yourself!!!

Rolled into Studio LX to fetch the dress for the Viceroy thang commemorating one year of success- HAPPY BIRTHDAY UNIQUE ME!- to find Elsie and Christina stabbing each other to see who could hook me up first. Customer service in this boutique rocks. After trial and error, we married the Alexis bomb! The “she is here dress” is easy to find in Marilyn’s place. Skateboarding PR women across the world are grateful to you.

What a fabulous week to invest in stock, bull vs bear or lulu vs aapl. Lulu is quickly sweeping me off my feet, I might actually dip on the ever so hot and appropriate aapl. Hmm?

This switch might’ve occurred while I was in Boston shopping on Newbury Street. Alex and Alec from Lululemon Newbury asked me for an autograph. I secretly wondered what that felt like. I assumed it was cause I’m kinda a big deal, but no. It was the Doctor Dribble t-shirt I was sporting. You see, I was reppin’ m*ergy on my head and Doctor Dribble on my chest. I just scribbled my name because it’s cooler like that!

Tuesday m*ergy comes out in the Herald again, and will be in her Unique Me Magazine corner in the next edition too. She is bringing filming to a close with Generation Enye on Thursday. M*ergy is swinging the media like she does her kettlebells- strong.

Doctor Dribble flew to Chicago for his third marathon in the tour, the “Doctor Dribble Tour”. He was sponsored by NBA player Carlos Boozer, his t-shirts are selling out weekly and it seems the good Doctor will be issuing an official list of tour dates soon. It’s appropriate!

Who is the most famous marathon runner? Do you know? Wait!!! Does that exist? Darren, I think this is your cue to Doctor Dribble the world!

Cat Haayen sneaked up on me with the victorious breath and a five minute downward dog that would challenge even a talented athlete. She can be seen on Ch. 6 on Hump day this week showin us wsop.

This week has been extremely productive for the ducks in my dynasty. Memories and money,,,

Vote passionately, responsibly. We already won, about four months now huh?

If you still don’t know, come out from hiding- I’m daring to be different. Normal is just so boring @ Marlyne Alexander Photography!!



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