Happy Birthday Alex! 40 looks good on you. Thierry’s, movie stars, hall of famers and a home made tribute (including a “happy” thought by Pharrell) to you is a fantastic way to begin your journey on the fourth floor. This party, might have possibly been the event of the year. You are blessed with a beautiful family, I am blessed with a great friend.

Happy was the crowd at the DuPont building celebrating Belen. Chair Beba Padron went hard and put on a great show. Gulliver better have lunch with that committee soon.

Happy is the newest ambassador of LuluLemon… Doctor Dribble. The girls at Lulu treated him like the celebrity he is. The Doc had his very own fitting room filled with basketballs and love. The tribute was long overdue and well deserved. He will serve the store and our community well and look like a champ doing so. Wishes do come true.

Alexis explosion at Studio LX happened to me. The femmes in South Miami can make a regular woman look and feel like a Pretty Woman. From eyelet leather to hi lows in silk, I am grateful.

Happy Miami Heat is on a six game win streak! Let’s go HEAT!

AGN is the new competitor for Botox, all traders should research this symbol. Happy to share.

My wish for you is to look at your turkey and think someone made it with love, look at those next to you and know they chose to be with you, feel the beat in your chest and feel grateful that you have the health to feel anything at all. Happy Thanksgiving!

A menorah lighting in my presence will be a first this Hanukah. I am happy. April is a beautiful month.

and if you don’t know, I’m so happy,


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