Advance Me, Enhance Me and Romance Me


Three states in three days, I’m pooped. It’s a good thing I use food as fuel because if I didn’t I’d be on the floor. The temptation to dive into a cheeseburger and fries three times a day when you are on the road is real. #grublikeagangster I went to the snow this weekend and remembered why I live in Miami right quick. Although building snowmen and cross country skiing brought me back to my Bethany days, It’s not for me. I am a beach bum. I love the freedom, the sounds, the smell of beach. It’s a sensory explosion of greatness. Besides, I have a lil booty!

I walked the campus of West Virginia University and was impressed. I feel like every child has the opportunity to succeed if given the right support. Basketball took a new meaning at WVU this weekend. The energy is sick. The hairs on my arms stood up and the chills down my spine were active the entire game. I love the passion. The students and players on these teams truly deserve a salary on top of the room and board afforded them. I was pleasantly surprised when I was able to eat clean at a small juice bar in MorganTown. The food was real and I ate like I gave a fuck. I recommend this type of awareness to everyone. We are the fattest country in the world.

As the marathon in Miami approaches, I feel the fear I always feel before any big epic moment in my life. It’s thrilling. Training for the marathon is really just training normally for me. I rely 100 percent on my mental strength. It has never failed me. I trust it. Hope it carries me to the finish line yet again.

On my way to shoot and eagle at Deering Bay and then to stand up on a paddleboard. Life is pretty darn good for the newest Verda sponsored athlete, mother, businesswoman, bawse chick. Deets coming in the form of health and wellness tips. F4F? (follow for fitness)

My next podcast is on healing. I am bringing a rock star on to the show. Do we ever really stop getting hurt? I feel like healing is a non stop process- an evolution. I celebrate the hurt I feel from time to time because the healing process is really where the magic lies. The self-awareness is the wisest knowledge one can acquire. I thank haternation, I really do. Health is a mind, body, soul compilation.

and if you don’t know, I #rwtw,