Calabaza Calabaza todo el Mundo Para Su Casa


What a week! Woof! Or even still, what a month! The circumstances in my life changed radically but I’m happy to state that I remain the same. Richer for it all. No, really. Haaaa! My smile is larger than ever. At least that’s what I hear about twenty five times a day. Gotta love the stalkers. Pride is scarce isn’t it!

Yoga (the real kind) has taken center stage for me. I feel like my two black mats and my pink one are on rotation. I’m always practicing with hunks. I’m the only girl that shows up with big, huge, strong men. I feel like my body is fluid no matter who the teacher or venue. I’m addicted. I’ll be practicing with Norris Cole (he’s in his twenties) today and later under the moon. In translation, I’ll be working out three hours today. It’s very doable because Roman is self sufficient, don’t have to worry about him. I am truly blessed to have a son that takes away my troubles as opposed to adding more. He’s a tenth grader now. Best scholastic year of his life! I really am lucky. My Life Coaching clients don’t get in the way of training either. I have them on strict schedule. This past week I made some time to do what I do best, help others. It was outrageously sublime. Real philanthropy put things into perspective quickly. It’s so cool when you can change someone’s day for the better in seconds. The entire experience was most rewarding. I thought of Hans. I loved seeing the response to this years 5K. So many runners who never even knew him, running proudly. He was a true philanthropist, not a poser. I remembered you Hans. I do all the time.

At this pace, I should kill Seawheeze. I plan on it! I’m a goal crusher. I’ve been researching all the greatness of Vancouver and oh boy am I gonna love it!!!! I spent a decade in Canada and never saw it, no Bueno!!! I’ll be packing my Verda Nutrition with me, so many activities and things to do make for a diet slip up. As long as I have my Verda, every little thing seems to work perfectly. Oysters in VanCity, poetic.

I’ve been running on the beach almost daily. Soho Beach House is my new home. Can I get a what what for private clubs! I’ve promised myself that I would finally use the membership I fought to get. The running on the beach was a quick fix, mitigating circumstances. It happens! Not a bad back up plan either. My current situation is better, no doubt. Soon, they’ll be calling me BOSS too.

Please join me this upcoming Wednesday at Jugo Fresh- Coral Gables location for the official Grand Opening! I will be doing my first live podcast from there! All bloopers will be recorded. How amazing is that? Authenticity is rare. I promise to….. And keeping it is just non-existent. So sad.

Speak easy is a new concept for me, so is the single life. I’m loving every minute of the freedom, the happiness, the positive love that comes with it. Prohibition never looked so good. California and Baltimore are back in Miami! Giving and receiving is like a new concept. I’m in love. Duh?

Adios Venetian bridge is bitter sweet, the memories etc. I get it! But if scrapping something that sucks or is ineffective, broken makes for a stronger and more solid tomorrow- I say YAY! Bon voyage and welcome butterflies. It is a new dawn, INDEED!!!!

Truly grateful for this week. The shift of energy was welcome. June! Thank God for you! The travel, the beach, the evolution- a realistic future. I did win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am so excited. Crush games on June 6, call me if you want to help or participate. 305.903.7160-real philanthropy.

and if you don’t know, the sun always rises,