Magda’s Manifesto


The winds of change are here. The weather in Miami is changing. It’s also changing in my life. I’m excited. I am a stronger woman, a better mother, a more effective public speaker, a more understanding girlfriend. The holidays are here! My son is my best ally. My boyfriend is astonishing. Life is pretty darn good for me.

I worked out with Darren today. I love doing that on Sundays. We just go in and blow stuff up. The power generated between the both of us is mind blowing. He is systematic, thorough. I just want to get my heart rate pounding. It’s very sexy.

Roman tore up the links. I knew when I curated the membership at the Riviera Country Club over a decade ago, the biggest reward would be him owning his Golf game. Always looking ahead- a true tactic in a Life Coach worth two pennies. Make a plan and attack.

This week I will be going to my first Dade County Life Coaching event. Yes, Doctor Dribble is also coming with me. We somehow always end up side by side. Positive vibes create positive lives. So grateful.

The only place I am unable to be by his side is in a marathon. He’s a runner. I am Pheobe. Al Roker isn’t ready for my man to run NYC again.

Athleta rehired me! I am a fit girl with a fit mind. This equation results in a happy life. Lincoln Road I am coming hard! I have some friends in Miami Beach I can’t wait to hug. Early December peeps-the holiday line is to die for.

We are almost done collecting our Halloween deets to complete our AMAZING costumes. Roman is more ready than us, but I guess tricks are for kids. Wait, I am a kid. It is a mind set. A choice.

This week I was going to blog about what I share or don’t share on social media. I changed my mind tho. My son said his buddy thought I shared too much. I was blown away. I have a fourteen year old following too. Tony, my IT guy shows me my demographics weekly. I am flattered. But when Ro told me that I was a topic in school, I was honored. I am raw, I don’t hide. Secrets are not my style. Besides, I don’t pay my bills with the opinions of others.

You see, for many years, I catapulted my husband (now ex) to greatness. I succeeded. How lucky is my family? Now, I am stirring that same pot!  This time for me. I am certain I will be criticized and have been criticized. It means simply that I am moving, making changes and doing something. The winds of change-too thrilling. These are the days we won’t regret. An ever evolving Magda- if I fall, I promise it’ll be forward.

One of my favorite Coachees reached out to me from Europe. She told me she was proud of me. I almost cried. I am making a difference, one sesh at a time! Love and light to you sista.

I changed my mind on the blog topic this morning early. I realized I wasn’t going to focus on anything potentially negative, I watched a Disney special on Bears. Scout was a little bear that always got into trouble, reminded me of someone I love.

And then I heard a knock, it was the man of my dreams with the most perfect son eva. Together they expressed their love, efforts and appreciation for me. There is nothing more important than that. Nothing.

This Tuesday, October 21 is National Latina Day! Please wear red heels. I am Latin. I have a very hot passion burning in me. I want to love, live and laugh without limits. It is the stuff that makes for a great post, or at least great gossip.

and if you don’t know, do something,