What’s Wrong With Canned Food?

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A new month, new hopes, new goals and new fears cross my mind on the first of every month. I can’t help but remember June 1 of this year and the high hopes I had, it was a horrible month. But, like most Life Coaches, you see the how and what I can do to improve the following month, year, situation. I never give up. This is why I am successful.

I asked for beach, movies and peace this Labor Day Weekend and I got just that. I wished for a sunrise and a sunset and I got just that. It wasn’t without effort and hiccups, but the result is simple. I effected what I wished for. I do believe wholeheartedly in speaking it into existence. It’s in the attitude, the approach. Could my weekend have been more perfect? Certainly. I could’ve danced, read a book, rode a Ferris wheel, had my son with me? I don’t regret, I reserve my right to acquire next month.

I saw a movie that was highly recommended to me and his dribbleness! “Chef” was fabulous! I loved it! Thanks Linda- your words are wise.

So about that upcoming Coaching session on Sunset Drive, it’s gonna be extravagant! My loves at Studio LX are planning a Villa Azur type fest! It’ll be in Mid October.

Darren supported me this weekend as I faced a fear, another one! I’m riddled with them! I’m human. I rose above it! I became stronger. He lovingly assisted me to the top and quietly backed away as I stared at the falseness of it in the face. I love him more because of that moment.

We hope to see all local athletes at MCYCLE on Friday, September 5 at 4:30 for what is turning out to be a huge act of kindness by many community leaders. Everyone is donating their time, product and sweat in order to help Doctor Dribble out dribble Diabetes. I’m excited to be part of this movement. Call 305-665-1618 for your bike there are very few left! It’s only for the sexy people!

My biggest fan will not be joining me for this happy hour as he is now a Varsity Gulliver golfer. I am so proud of him. I am blessed. Drive for success and putt for love- the rest just comes.

and if you don’t know, we’ve already won the lotto.