Fit Girl Friday


How many times can I say thank you? As many times as I am given the honor to say it, I will. This act keeps me grounded, grateful and alive. I worked out five hours on Friday! Grateful to work my butt on!

I am so fortunate to have been part of the Chicago Diabetes Fundraiser held at MCycle with Doctor Dribble as the main attraction. He really is very attractive, at least his girlfriend thinks so. I almost cried a few times throughout the process. I shot up in my bed when I learned Matt from Jugo Fresh wanted to participate, my heart felt weak when I saw Jose, Rafa, Jessica and a new educator show up with their Lulu lemon enthusiasm, I almost fell off my chair at Suzanne Conrad when I read Aryan (owner of Jet Set Pilates) donated $750 in prizes to Darren’s cause. My friends, my sisters walked in one by one and waved with donations in their hands. Laura, Lynette, Michelle I appreciate you. I couldn’t get out of the bike but trust me, my heart skipped beats for you. Kathy G. left me a note with Cash in the envelope before I even arrived. And of course, the family at MCycle (David and Sandy in particular) really came up and helped us with no financial gain at all. Darren and I were spinners at this club, and we came with a pretty bold request and they wholeheartedly acquiesced. Andrea never wavered in opening the doors to her gem in South Miami. There was no financial reward for anyone, this was one hundred percent out of the goodness of their hearts. I am deeply moved. Doctor Dribble raised the funds needed for his marathon in New York and will run his very fit bod off to ensure continued success for Diabetes research. Congratulations D! New York isn’t ready for you!!!

More than the success of this Spin a Thon were the surprise friendships fostered and the old ones rekindled, at least for me, clarity is key. I got to know Luissy, a running leader here in Miami, the Cruz-May team, some of my friends from Newton’s Method showed up too. I had no idea they too were spinners. The entire process was rewarding on many levels, I am changed for life because of that two hour charity event. Thanks again.

MBFW seems to follow me. I was in New York for the last one with April and Christy Turlington. And now, I’m Life Coaching the “Wear Your Passion through Fashion” at Studio LX on October 9. This event is invitation only. I ordered my Sophia Webster clutch already. I really do want the fairy tale and won’t settle for less. Yes, I am greedy like that. How does fashion impact your everyday life? Do you dress to impress or to be addressed? This sesh is exciting to me, because I am planning to dress up. Saint Laurent and Pucci are so my besties. I work out a lot and frankly have to make more of an effort to fancy it up.

It’s Hunting Season, the thrill of the hunt always excites me. I am an animal. Sept 11, 10-2pm, 9502 SW 89 ct is where you can find the hottest HOBO and complimenting MUSA necklace in Miami. Hint: Get the purse and I’ll meet you at Studio LX with some Opus in hand on October 9!

Chillin’ in Fort Lauderdale this weekend was like cookies to my milk. I used to love cookies and milk. He always knows how to make it right. After Friday night, I was exhausted. He got sick and infected me too. We worked hard to raise the monies and it took its toll. We then childishly pushed ourselves to support a very deserving community member and friend, Pablo Lucero right after. I thought I was going to faint as I stretched and contracted my body into some very challenging yoga poses. Darren picked a place for us to replenish our strength from in health and heart. He took me to the Chill Bar, located in a Farmer’s Market. We did reinvigorate ourselves in laughter, memory making and hand holding- the food was healthy. The company was priceless. You see, we did win the lotto. 18 is a lucky number! Thanks again.

Fins Up! Play ball!

and if you don’t know, you are where you want to be,