back to basics

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Life has a funny way of bringing us back to basics, humility and gratitude are mandatory.

When you think you know it all is when the real yoga of life begins. I learned daily that every moment shared in kindness matters. Moreover, I learned that a smile can effect someone’s life forever. Thank you for the compliment. If you know someone who is sad, help them. If you are sad, tell someone. Life is precious. Celebrate every breath. Breathe deeply.

Nick (a fellow Newton’s Method addict) replies at the Athleta session at Merrick Park this past Wednesday, like this, “A Master Life Coach is an example to everyone”, I wanted to run to him and squeeze him. He will be an Iron Man soon. Bestia!!

I am a Master Life Coach but hardly an example. I’m just a human trynna to keep my multi dimensions in check. I’m having a blast helping people realize their own answers tho. We all have a legacy to leave!

Roman left me dumbfounded as he calmly strolled into high school. He kept his wits about him as I felt a piece of my heart being ripped out of my chest. Pretty soon, he won’t have time to make logos and design websites for Fit is Fly or Atrevete. I hope to be working for him one day. Motherhood is the most rewarding love.

Stock was good to me this week, I needed it. True Blood is coming to an end, the real end. This show is testimony to many things in my life.

Christian LouBoutin makes nail polish! HELLLLOOOOO! Only in blood red and they sold out in five minutes!!

Happy Birthday Maria Borge, Andrea Cruz May, Linda Weissman! Leo’s everywhwere!

I will be at Gulliver Academy tomorrow morning explaining why all students deserve a chance at fitness. Being fit is so fly. Thank you Gulliver for having the courage to be on the cutting edge.

If you haven’t signed up, call MCycle today- the bikes for September 5 are selling quickly. What an amazing feeling it is to be part of a community coming together for the sake of goodness. Diabetes doesn’t stand a chance against a dream team like Atrevete, Doctor Dribble and the M Cycle. Let’s Ryde with purpose!

I’m going to remember Robin Williams for his greatness, my aunt Olivia for her beauty (inside and out), Lauren Bacall for the dinner at Milo’s in 2003, Robert Fox for his dedication to fitness without judgment and only God’s Speed.

and if you don’t know, it’s your legacy,

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