because you’ve got to have faith

In three short days, a whirl wind of shoppers are going to hit Gulliver Academy and destroy all vendors in its path. Shopping for the holidays doesn’t get any better than this, community coming together to help children and their school. This is the true spirit of giving. Thursday, December 5 at 12595 Red Road 8-5!!!! Doctor Dribble will be there.

A menorah, freedom and my little book of Hanukah made me happy. I learned a little bit of what traditions those of the Jewish faith practice. I am enlightened. If only latkes were allowed on my diet, I’d be a happy camper.

Gift giving doesn’t have to be limited to toys, electronics and clothes. Giving the gift of life is also an option. is an ideal gift for any smoker. Even if you just drop by and visit this site, you’d probably be very impressed with the people who needed the Kerry Gaynor method.

Epicure in Coral Gables is as exciting as the Juice Spot opening today. Health and healthy eating are quickly becoming the best way to live. Eating clean and having a daily dose of fruits and vegetables result in a better existence, in a longer run.

She calls herself a running Coach. She is very simple. Her strength is how sweet she is as she inspires clients of all ages to do a very difficult thing- run. I began to run with her months ago and her class was very small. She preached and I ran awkwardly. Yesterday was Sunday. Her class was at 8 am. She filled the track with clients and I was in awe at how she has evolved, grown. I don’t run awkwardly anymore. I just run. Running still hurts me in deep places, my soul for one, but I can do it, because of a sweet girl named Mallory. Tuesdays and Thursdays at Stride.

Fractura and Suzel Vazquez MD is the latest youth tip in Miami. The resurfacing of skin is the best choice in looking younger. Fraxel on steroids! The great thing about Suzel is that her office is private. She is cutting edge and an Iron Man. The combination results in people asking you, “how do you do it” often. You can find her on facebook and Instagram. 786.953.6629 ask for Pat. Best Secret in staying fresh.

Thanksgiving this year was a challenge. Fried turkey vs. Oven baked. Thank you to all of the family and friends that shared this special day with me. I am very grateful.

and if you don’t know, I’m in love with love too,


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