a brave new world

Firstly, thank you for reading my blog. I love when I have your attention. It shows you love me. I know who you are by the way. I know more than you think. I’m not as young as I look but not a crypt keeper either. My life experience tells me that attention is the greatest tribute you can pay anyone. I appreciate yours greatly. And for the lesser folk that don’t read my blog regularly, whatever forever. Show your fave local blogger some love, bloggers should never be taken for granted.   There are some things we choose and some that choose us. It’s all about choice. I believe we are where we want to be. Obviously, there are mitigating circumstances that inhibit a wanna be basketball player from making it to the NBA and a short order cook from buying a mansion but for the greater part, we choose our circumstances. I sometimes wish I could change things and people, you know fix it and make it best but I’m just too hopeful sometimes. Some things are out of my control, everything but me. It’s hard for a DIY-er to accept that.   Fifteen years ago, the universe chose me! It said, you will be the luckiest mother in the world. I was underprepared but most willing to be the best mommy in the world. You are never ready to be a parent. I became his and he became mine. We made a partnership. A lifelong union. The only trouble with this kind of luck is trying to measure up to him. My son, wow! What a man! He’s going to make his wife a very happy woman. He’s going to be a great husband, provider and father one day. The evidence of this is in the way he loves me. My legacy. Thank you Roman. You did indeed save me. Happy Birthday! Let the good times Roll. Get it, RO- roll!!   I chose to go to the Miami Heat game this week. I hung out with Heat Royalty. I have so much fun in those games. I spent most of the night seeing peeps I hadn’t seen in a bit. I love that. And sometimes hide. NGL, I don’t love everyone I run into. I don’t go out much really but when I do it’s like a child at Disney. I plan on being child like more often. I deserve to laugh and so do you. Go find who and what makes you happy and do it often.   My Coachees are always in turmoil over something or someone in their lives. Aren’t we all? My solution for my own unwinding of turmoil is to stop the madness. I quit smoking like that. It was actually very easy. I flipped the switch on that bitch. I turned it off. I didn’t want to die, so I quit. I would always advise a friend to leave an abusive relationship or tell my son to never play with a loaded gun.  This belief only confirms my theory on choice. We are where we want to be, with whom we want to be and how we want to be. It is choice. I am a fighter and know second and third level changes can be made but it takes a very motivated Superman or woman to make them. I did it and very happy I did. I’m not like the rest however. My life is so much better because I changed. I don’t know what took me so long. Having survived that really made me invincible, there is nothing I cannot do. It’s a great feeling.   Snoop came out with a song that has me like jumpin’ all day. I’m gonna make my next Verda video to it. I know how much you guys love my fitness videos. Toma!!!! Ironically, it’s called Peaches n Cream. I was really big on getting diamonds, cars, purses and stuff like that as gifts when I was young and stupid, now I prefer you send me songs and feed me. Feed me hard. Feed me food, love and attention. Oh and shoes, love shoes. I bought myself the sexiest nude stilettos eva this weekend. I’m feeling kinda stripped these days. I walked by Ida and Harry’s and they said Mamita, come here. So, I did. So no ho, but love me my kicks!   I got my race pics from Puerto Rico. I suck. Running is so painful for me. I know what ignited my running but I can’t figure out why I’m still running. I run as fast as a family of turtles with zero style too. The part that breaks my heart is running alone. I ran the World’s Best 10k alone. I felt lonely.  It’s almost like eating alone. I hate it. I want a partner to workout and run with. I want a #swolemate. The real kind. I really don’t get when a poser goes to the gym to troll and scope. So yuck. I’m not good at this solo. It’s baffling to me how I can inspire runners, athletes and the public at large yet crave a lover for my runs and workouts. Most doctors, never get a check up either. Go figure! At least, I recognize my weaknesses, there are people that walk among us and think they are NEVER wrong. That is precisely what is wrong. Do you think it’s lack of gratitude or knowledge? It’s madness, March madness.   Vancouver baby! I’m super excited. I’m pretty certain that will be my last run, I hear it’s beautiful. I’m working hard to join forces with Verda for a great event before or after SeaWheeze. Creating and collaborating with serious like minded peeps excites me. Common goals where people unite is a wonderful thing. Money is made like this and so is beautiful music and love too! It takes two to make a thing go right.   I’ve changed up my media presence this week. Got about a thousand new stalkers. WOO HOO! Men on Social Media makes me pee laughing. I wonder what would happen to a lot of folk that hide behind computers, if we pulled the plug. Right? If you took the technology away, what would be left? You can’t cuddle with a computer. I am authentic in what I share. I don’t pretend to be something I’m not. I don’t have an alter ego or personify another role. I am who I am and it’s raw and real. I post my reality. Social media is a very powerful influence. A dangerous weapon too. It can hurt people. There are predators out there, beware. I use my media to share what I love and to be a conduit between the consumer and my brand-me. What I love is rare and unique. I am unashamedly proud of who and what I love. So grateful you are genuinely interested. We need more of that in this world- genuine interest.

and if you don’t know, I choose you, over and over,



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