flying into 2016

the songs, the memories, the highs and the lows are so profoundly present. I am ready for the unknown and looking forward to feeling like priority. I want support, praise, pride and trust. I want to associate with greatness. I am excited.

I am planning on doing the unassisted pull up before the end of the year. I was never afraid of failure. just had so many fun things before the struggle of lifting myself- I procrastinated.

transcendmia looks to be sold out and it still isn’t the end of the year. I would run if you are interested so grateful to be part of this movement. we work well together. it’s harmonious.

it is an honor to start the year off igniting others in their own journeys. and then the yoga, I will be certified soon. I can’t believe it. idaho isn’t ready for my yoga studio.

this year is scaring the daylights out of me. but the feeling of knowing I have to prepare and get ready to meet my future is exhilarating.

my son has been my rock, my mentor and my best friend. his success is the tool that gets me through frustration and turmoil. I am grateful.

it’s been close to three years since I began my blog, quit smoking, loved the same man and maintained the most fit in my life. where do you think the magda lopez show goes from here?

only greater.


and if you don’t know, I am ready,