the first day of winter


if pain is fuel then grief is love. what a beautiful year this has been. I have done things I never thought I would do and owe it all to sadness. I meet people all the time and they always ask me why I smile so much. why I am always happy? the truth is, I am not. I suffer too.  I cry a lot! I actually love to cry. I only cry at home or with my loved ones. I have never been and never will be a promoter of the negative. I choose happy. it’s been like this all of my life. perhaps this is why I am flourishing always. in order to lose, you need the win.

i have won so many times, it’s only fair to lose every now and again. I like to go hard you know. hit it hardest. therefore, I fall hard too, hardest. for these moments, I am grateful.

i am committed to all of the first month of January and possibly for the year of 2016 professionally. I have two huge goals already in the works and am feverishly excited. I wanted to complete one unassisted pull up before 2015 but that goal fell to the back. I still have time and am not ruling it out.

i learned a lot in the year 2015. i learned that the truest love is that of a parent for a child and that time is the most precious. i wasted some.

2016, i am ready for you, i am open now.

it’s wonderful to know that my family and friends are for always, not just met. I am loved.

if you haven’t bought your tickets, I want to see you on the beach, let’s play like children.

I will be on the radio tomorrow LIVE! yep, like Howard stern. I do heart radio. (Monday, Dec 21 at 5:00 pm) please call me up (St. Lucia) and ask me, say what you need to say, I will be ready for you. 888-565-1470

get excited, it’s a new year.


and if you don’t know, I really am a yoga teacher,