Get Quiet, Live Loud

there are many things I love about community. I see it in stronger form through Jewish families, long lasting friendships (for more than two months and not on Social Media), sports organizations etc. This year I was approached by a community store with a unique view on life to collaborate on a community event. it just so happens that this event is something that resonates with me. I was married to someone that exemplifies community. I am a leader in my community and because my family is so small and my friends are so few, I respect this word very much. I happily agreed to collaborate with lululemon. the theme ironically is to #fuelhappiness.


I am this hashtag. I always will be. I am a fire starter and no matter what comes my way-I choose to be happy. it is simply a choice. my life coaching friend, Vanessa and I are always debating this. it is so cool to speak and learn from like minded people. last night, I was at a dinner party and I was talking about certifications, licenses, insurances etc. I believe in them wholeheartedly. when I am hired or engaged as any type of “job”, I do many, my first concern is authenticity. I always offer my proof. it is important to me. I suppose it isn’t to the person hiring me, because I never lack those. it takes skill to earn a client but more skill to keep one.

this year was amazing in many ways. I am grateful. I know next year is going to be even better.

I cannot guarantee another blog before 2016, I’m very busy taking the MAGDA LOPEZ show to a whole notha level.

See you at SOHO! it’s a black and white ball.


and if you don’t know, I love my life,