it’s not a sprint, it’s a marathon

As I was running, the flashes in my mind were incessant. As I broke a sweat, I rationalized everything I knew to forfeit pain and fatigue. As I gained the beautiful Miami Beach mileage to my advantage, I felt high! I was high on life. It was a rush, one I want to experience again.
Health is the best collagen, serenity and remedy anyone can seek. #liveloverun

I stopped smoking and started living. #thekerrygaynormethod

It took a village for me to complete this marathon. Many people had a hand in my 2:36:31 13.1 mile accomplishment. I tried to thank them all and realized I forgot one very important person. I forgot my sister. She is my first friend, my protector, my cousin. I love you Diana Perez Falcon. Your presence up and down that boardwalk, your hand in mine for pictures at the finish line made me strong. #neverforget

Future in running for me is certain. Mallory, the maker of Stride has much to teach and I have miles to learn so let’s do this! By the way, Archie is a perfect baby. He’s so cute.

@jace10 my shout out recipient on Instagram made it to 100 followers, this is a big deal for a fifth grader new to Instagram. He was so grateful for my temporary post. His gratitude changed my itinerary and made the post permanent. He then changed his screen name to @jace_budin. His new found fame made his day and mine too. The winner of this Shout Out just because is @mel9983. Brace yourself my good deed doer, I’m gonna make it rain followers for your act of kindness.

I crossed one finish line but am facing another one very soon. The Diamond Awards! Atrevete is up for votes! Best Minority business in Coral Gables, yes Sir. If you think so, go to and vote for our agency. I need a diamond with my heavy metal.

I’m blogging from Venice Beach with a very muscular man. Wow! #myview

Doctor Dribble is shattering records. He ran two marathons in two cities dribbling two basketballs while he smiled. He has many great reasons to smile. The main reason for these happy moments are the people he is helping. Help the fine Doctor help others by donating.

I want to look hot in a bikini, I want to party in France but I realize I have to work. Not only that, I needed your support. You were there for me. Thank you Doctor Dribble. #luckyme

The Kerry Gaynor Method is a reality!! Be on the look out of this lifesaver. If you love a smoker, save them. Great Christmas gift!

Two costumes down, one to go! I can’t wait! Happy Halloween!

If you didn’t see the Sizzle Reel and wanna watch me fry as I introduce Health and Wellness live from the streets of South Miami, sprint to

Next up, Selena, Ron Burgundy, MIAMI Heat and Milo’s. Nothing ordinary about this girl.

April coined the phrase correctly, #livelikemagdalopez10 HA!

Get up, get strong and do something fantastic.

and if you don’t know, i did it,


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