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I met a fifth grade boy on Instagram. He is new. You can tell by the proper method of writing. He uses no hashtags and just recently mastered emoji art. He’s well mannered and cautious. His correctness caught my attention so I gave my very first shout out to a child I have never met, on my business page no less. I hoped he would gain more followers. I was so happy to see businesses and friends do the same for my new friend @jace1o. As promised, I watched closely at the response. I will honor giving the @jace1o best follower a Shout Out too.  I will announce the winner next Sunday! It is refreshing to know that people just help people for no reason at all, inspiring too.

Los Angeles style supermarket! Trader’s is now open in Pinecrest. So many wonderful things are born in California. In about one week, another miracle baby will be introduced to the world. It was made in California too. #stopsmokingstartliving I hope to thank Kerry Gaynor next week, he saves lives!

L&P, LLC completed another successful tax season. It’s an appropriate time to start tax planning. Sushi is available at 305.444.6030 for appointments.

The vendors have been chosen. Gulliver Schools will raise that “G” high this December. Lots of latkes!!! Gotta keep it sexy. The committee has been precise in having a little something for everyone.

Good help is hard to find! To find dedicated, loyal and gorgeous staff is nearly impossible. My friend Marilyn, owner of Studio LX managed to find two wonderful women to run her store under the supervision of Michelle, a princess. Congrats to this gem of a store loaded with some of the trendiest, hard to find exclusives. @lcoto11 and @csac

To run or not to run, that is the truth. I can’t say much other than I’ve been humbled. The views, the camaraderie, the pain, the challenge all mixed into a simple physical movement. I will see you at the finish line come hell or high water.

Havana Nights was a success! Anything to do with Unique Me and Bertha Bravo will always prevail. Casa Larios is where our union began. My office!

FDX was my symbol this week. Mr. Big never failed me.

Doctor Dribble is about to do the unthinkable! One marathon in Miami, Florida on Saturday and one marathon in Los Angeles, California on Sunday is his next obstacle. Diabetes needs a cure and he is running the fight! You are a rock star indeed!

Muscle Activation Technique! A healer, a man with the Midas touch. If you have pain in your body and need a magician to fix it call 305.667.7779 and ask for Chris. It’s nothing less than talent.

I thought #dameleche was the ultimate until I met #sacalejugo. Jugo Fresh remains my favorite source of youth. Delicioso.

Happy Birthday to two of my sisters, Tracy Cancro and Laura Posada!

and if you don’t know, Ima scratch another one off the bucket list,


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  1. If ya didn’t think I read your blog I do! I love it! Ha! Love ya sista’ keep inspiring and if I don’t see you before you cross the finish, keep on rockin’ on

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