no filter



I just wasted an hour of my sunday morning cleaning up my tagged posts on instagram. thank goodness I wake up at 5am.  this is where a complete stranger tags you and it can appear as if you were together. the intent can be for plain advertisement, association or love. in this case, a complete stranger has taken it upon himself to tag me daily. it is kind but annoying and I have no need or desire to have this represent me. I feel like blocking him but will wait to address him on the next opportunity. I work hard to be a good mother, great friend, contributing community player and master at coaching. I am not prepared to have people claim me for their own benefit. it’s a really fucked up world. this social media bullshit is not reality. I am grateful for it, I get paid. but man, peeps be trippin.

I had someone very close to me say “ but how are you supposed to ask someone out on a date ?” this week. who the fuck wants to be addressed through a fucking computer? where is the humanity in it all? the impulse?  the organic aspect of love is so beautiful. you can’t smell someone through social media, see them for more than a minute, hear their voice, truly love them. you can however, be tricked, conned and hurt through these connections. if a person wants to be with you, they will be, if a like replaces a date or a follow replaces a touch- it is fake! if you are being hidden through media, you are not being loved. MAJOR TRUTH ALERT!!!!! LOVE IS THE KEY. THEY don’t want you fa real.

happiness and love come from within. dig people.

DM or private message is gross. I have thousands of them and they will remain unopened for life. they are a constant reminder of what I don’t want. I feel sorry for the folk that COMMUNICATE falsely. I would rather live with cats than live like that. people actually believe this. how can a human believe in love through a computer? maybe it was that I had love, lived love, smelled love and truly feel it that I can decipher between the two. it could be.

I had the option about a month ago to change the status of my insta account to public figure. I am indeed a national life coach (certified), soon to be international. I work. I get paid. I get sponsored. I fully understand what I am opening myself up to.  I received an enormous amount of creeps. what do people think? I receive phone calls from complete strangers all over the world wasting time, looking for love. is that what we’ve come to? it saddens me. it doesn’t allow for the true essence of knowing another human. its truly disappointing. sharing certain (not all) aspects of life doesn’t warrant weirdness.

friendship for me takes years, many years. love is sacrifice, lots and lots of sacrifices. business is an agreement between people for the production of money or a greater purpose. social media is a tool for all of it. sadly, it is often cheapened into a low level this isn’t helping the divorce rate.

I am grateful my son is sixteen years old. I am thankful I have taught him to respect social media and understand it for what it is and what it isn’t. a believer of fairy tails on facebook, snap, insta, instasnap , yada. yada, yada is in for a big surprise. life is on the outside, with fresh air, heartbreak, raw emotion, heart pumping action, commitment.  life is so cool.

I have been on snap chat for more than one year. please do NOT request me. I will NOT accept. snap is meant to guard my son MAINLY. I am a life coach. if you want to hire me, please do. I am happy in my personal life, I am NOT looking for anyone through media, that would make me a sad individual. I choose happy. if you want to be my friend, ask me. if you want to ask me out on a date, ask me. I respect that. real relationships is the new black bro. I have no respect for prowlers, creeps, weirdo’s, stalkers and my fave , LIARS!!!!! a lie can be spotted on social media in seconds, the sun always comes out. sunshine blasts shade. happiness kills hate. liars are always discovered. I get paid for my voice, my words. why on earth would I give it for free?  I like the word privacy. I really do.

my 20th year wedding anniversary is this year. I will be having my main event on this day. this event is sponsored by ONE MIAMI. I didn’t plan it this way. actually, I didn’t plan it. I have an event manager. she did. when I saw the date, I laughed. I was going to open up and talk about my failed love life anyway but now its certain.  I always avoid this topic in public. I am more proud of other aspects in my life. love is a challenge for me. please come it’s going to be lit!

on September the first, I will be hosting a ride with RAWBABYSUGAR (insta) at soul cycle at 8PM in benefit of the underline Miami. frankie ruiz, the one and only- will be there too. one hundred percent of the proceeds are going to this genius cause in the name of my friend, ANNIE! I have few friends. she was one of them. she died. I am keeping her alive through this. she would’ve liked that. I knew her for over 30 years. we weren’t tied through social media- get it. please come, it is a donation based ride- it’s free. open your heart. for your bike!

I know an enormous amount of people. I am national, soon to be international but have FEW friends. quality baby, till death do us part, truth!  around me I only want REAL!

frienships are for life. love is sacrifice- life is lived outside of a mechanical device. if you’re hiding, you aren’t living.


and if you don’t know, no filters in my life,