child please

I met Chad Ocho Cinco in the club at the Fountainbleau Hotel years ago.  he said, “child please” in a conversation we had. it stuck with me all of these years.

it took me four years to get pregnant. I was a smoker, an addict. or what I thought was addiction at the time. the doctors told me the nicotine prevented me from getting pregnant. my then husband already had a child from a previous marriage, my beautiful stepson. now, I think perhaps he also delayed the process because he already knew what being a parent felt like. also, he had other things going on. get it, things!

all I ever hoped to become was a good wife and mother. I got the wife part, but struggled with the baby for years. my father desperately wanted a grandchild. it happened. they met. the two major keys in my life, enrique and roman.

I love being a mommy so much it hurts. when I meet friends and speak to family that I value in the HIGHEST, I share this with them. a child is a great love, the ultimate sacrifice. I wish for the people I love the most that they too can feel this love. I begged god for roman “child, please”. I was lucky.

I want ONLY the most for my family, friends and tribe. for me, roman is the greatest love of all.


and if you don’t know, I am rommy’s mom,