what an amazing weekend! so positively honest!!! I am having so much fun adapting to the love around me. I am truly loving all of the sincerity. Its new.

although this weekend was filled with greatness, newness and wonder, I missed him. I can’t imagine life as a non-parent. To be a parent you have to be selfless. It’s so beautiful when you sacrifice for your children. It really is one of the most refreshing emotions ever.

I often ask myself how people can go through life without being parents. It is more common now to meet 40 year olds, or #flipforty or #fortyisthenewtwenty that have no offspring. I wonder if its fear based or just the ”me” only syndrome.

happiness is a lot like a kiss, it is meaningless if it can’t be shared. did I mention I love kissing?

in the pursuit of happiness, whatever that represents for you, don’t discount being selfless and enriching this huge world with a little you. It is the greatest love of all.

wishing you the bestest week eva with your loved ones!!!

and if you don’t know, I am 44 and a parent,