reality bites

I love teeth! I actually look at teeth before eyes. nothing floats my boat more than a perfect, bright, white smile. I love biting when I kiss or get kissed. I love kissing. I’m excited for everything now. its so cool. being a certified yoga teacher has really helped me in many ways. I find cruelty sad. I used to fight it, now I wish it well. I turn to my teachers, and my coaches for guidance. I am happy to accept reality. sometimes what you think is real, is far from it. sometimes you think you know someone and they are really strangers. my reality is that I have the love, respect and trust of many for many years. I know who I am and I am a responsible, contributing human. I forgive and dismiss the lost souls in this universe. if you know one, be compassionate, offer them a club to sign up in, lead them to a community event where they can find love too. when you help another, you lift yourself. I serve when I am troubled, I haven’t stopped serving since last summer. it helps immensely.

I had a great weekend.  I am enthusiastically looking forward to life. I’ll be 45 this year and am planning to have a great birthday. last year I wasn’t able to celebrate how I wanted, I’ll make up for it now. lots of body pics!! so proud of myself and where I am today physically.  I love the inspiration I provoke in both men and women. my following confirms it. I am truly grateful. I love scars and imperfections. beauty is truth and the truth is ugly. in my next relationship, I’m gonna demand scars. perfect doesn’t interest me in the least.

this week is going to be fantastic, so many things to celebrate. I am shopping for a new car. uber thrilled. it’ll be my first car on my own, without the help of my father, husband or boyfriend. I have an enormous amount of pride regarding this. simple, I’m in love with all things new.

I am going to start a new goal next weekend. a moment, a first, another one- this life is so cool. I’ll be announcing a new sponsor this week. I’m up to four now. I am grateful.

I love my city. I was considering leaving when Roman left to college but I have a feeling- a good feeling- I’ll be staying here for life.


and if you didn’t know, miami is for me,