Love of Man Kind


This past week has been enlightening. I miss my son incredibly. I knew I would but I truly feel pain in his absence. He is a constant source of honesty and goodness. Despite his blood lineage, he cannot lie for more than five minutes. I love that about him. For me, liars are the devil. I consider a lie, withholding truth, embellishing truth or changing truth. It is unkind to lie. Roman is honest. I did a great job.

Father’s Day was beautiful because of my family and friends. My real family and friends, the ones that don’t take but are always prepared to give. It’s almost like they pool together in knowing how sad I get on this day. They reach out and love me. This act means the world to me. Jenny and I and a few stragglers we were lucky enough to run into, spent the day celebrating, the elements, the holiday and each other. I thought about the men I know that aren’t father’s. One in particular. The longest day of the year was a perfect day for me.

I love giving. I’m a giver. I’ve been taken advantage of one too many times. I won’t change tho. Nope!! Philanthropists all over the place. I love that. Do they even know the definition of the word? I do. I always will. I am blessed. I believe it is because I do give. I give from the heart without fear or intent to gain. It is bliss. It is yoga. And then again, there are yogis everywhere too. Gotta love the men that go to yoga to follow booty. Losers!!!

I went to spin again last week and realized as I reached the Anaerobic heart rate that I am and always will be an addict of spin. I loved it so much before Newton’s Method. I guess that’s why I became certified on two levels. It was fun watching the Jugo Fresh crowd impressed with me. They didn’t know I was packing a secret certification. I picked my Yoga teacher for certification. I know we will make a winning combo. Before this year is up, I will be able to namaste with the best of em. 

Verda is my hero, I am healthy because of it. On my site, press the Go button. Do it, thank me later!!

Tommy and I continue to rip it up on our mats. There is something empowering about working out with strong, beautiful friends. No bull shit, no criticism, just sweat, mutual respect and comraderie.

Ivviva opened in South Miami, more debt for Miamians. Jeb I’m voting for you. On Wednesday, at 5pm I will be at Cream gettin’ sexy for my upcoming trips. I’m super stoked. Wowza, travel with someone that loves me for me. I don’t need anything else.

July, I am looking forward to you. My birthday, the fireworks, all of them. Yesterday, Cat my yoga teacher for life, mentioned that she has Love for everything. I’m understanding that more and more daily. Miami Fit Wear is launching the Power of Transcendence, I am humbled.

and if you don’t know, I want to learn how to play Chess now,