Om Namah Shivaya

mmmm mmmmmmmmmmm


it’s so cool not having the stress of running a marathon. my tribe ran in the miami marathon this weekend and I had the luck of loving and not having all that drama. I have mad respect for runners but it’s not for me.  the electricity in the crowds, the parties, the roars is really awesome tho. I had a magical weekend, surrounded by positive, healthy folk. I love that shit. I ate like a champ. clean eating feels good. i resisted temptation and it wasn’t easy. loving your body isn’t always easy, I’m worth it. the bread doesn’t taste as good as looking good feels. verda nutrition baby!!!

I graduate soon as a yoga teacher, I am so excited. it truly has made me a better person. I faced so may demons in the process of becoming certified, so many ugly truths. I looked at them with compassion. of course, I have made money with it already. money is something that is easy for me to make. I think it’s karma really. if you hoard, live in fear, live only to produce paper it becomes the very thing that leaves you. I guess colors were made for people to choose their own. it’s all about choice.

this week I have a very exciting public event, actually various events. what to wear??? lucky to have stores that throw it at me. truly grateful to them.

I sat under the biggest moon I had ever seen last night. I almost cried. it was humbling. so many memories in the making, I am so lucky to have the ability to make them. gratitude makes it all doable for me.

january was a success in every way for me. I found the hope I needed, the professional growth I deserved and the courage to start again. february is booked in greatness too.


and if you don’t know, I love my life,